How can I pay using Sling?

It's as simple as unwrapping a new candy:

1.     Launch the Sling app

2.     Scan a merchant's Sling penguin code (wristband, sticker or tag)

3.     Select a sum to pay and tap the Payment button

4.     Confirm your favorite payment method and you are done!



How quick is the payment process?

Just a few seconds. The customer scans your Sling, confirm the sum and… that's it!


Where can I pay with Sling?

Use sling to pay any micro-merchant in your proximity; Babysitters, Couriers, Gardeners, Plumbers or Roving vendor is a potential for a Sling payment.


How do I know if a merchant accepts Sling?

You can easily recognize Sling 'Champions' by their 'penguin' pin or by the Sling wristband they carry.


Scanning doesn’t work well. Is there another way to pay?

Ask the merchant for his quick-code and insert it into the quick-code field appearing in the top of the scan screen. Tap apply and you are all set!


What about sums that are not shown on the screen?

No problemo!

Tap the Edit button to manually insert any other sum.


How much should I pay?

Merchants will state the required total you are ought to pick.

The merchant will receive a push notification stating your name and paid sum


How can I be sure that a transaction has been successfully completed?

Easily. Both parties receive a push notification stating the transferred information, upon transaction.


I inserted a higher sum than required. What should I do?

No worries.

Contact us and we will reimburse you your missing funds within 48 hours

Free call:  +972-3-6701515          



As a customer, is there any transaction fee?

Sling adds a fix 25 cents commission to any transaction (regardless of the sum)


How can I see my payment history?

All of your incoming and outgoing transactions are listed in your History listing, appearing under your profile screen.




Is Sling secure?

All of our transactions are highly encrypted by our billing gateway Zooz, keeping your information safe and sound!


Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi/3G in order to use Sling?

Yes: in order to guarantee an instant payment, you will need to make sure your device is connected.


Does Sling works on all devices?

Sling operates with both iOS and Android devices.




I'm in! How do I start?

Tap the Profile tab in the Sling app and follow the instructions on the bottom of that screen.

Fill in your details and you are all set!


How does it work?

Every Sling champion has a personal, unique identification code.

Consumers will scan this code using their Sling app in order to identify and pay you on the spot!

No more POS, terminals or dongles.  Get paid by anyone holding a Smartphone!


How can Sling empower my business activity?

Sling is fueling micro-merchants with the power of mobile payments. Accept micro-payments from any consumer with a smartphone right away!


What are the advantages of using Sling?

·         No need to handle change

·         Avoid counting & allocation errors

·         Evade loss and spenditure of income

·         No need for a dongle or credit-card terminal

·         Accept payments from any device

·         Place your Sling codes anywhere

·         Reduce chargebacks

·         Skip awkward moments with your customers

·         Channel your earning to multiple payout options

·         Nurture your personal customer club


How do I know if I have been paid?

At the moment a consumer concludes a transaction your device will receive a push notification including the payer name and the total amount paid. Make sure you leave only after making sure you have been paid correctly


Where can I find my code?

At the moment you register, Sling issues you a temporary code. You can start working right away, by allowing consumers to scan this code straight off your device.

Your code appears in your merchant screen at all times.

Once you get your Champion kit, it will include a personalized wristband with your code.


How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can either withdraw your earning directly to your PayPal account or order a Sling debit card to act as your account. Visit the 'Merchant' screen in the Sling app to select your withdrawal preferences


What are the costs related to Sling?

Sling charges a 1.5% commission from any transaction you make.





What is a Champion Kit?

We gear every merchant with a Sling's Champion kit.

The champion's kit includes everything you need in order to start receiving payments right away: A personalized Sling wristband, payment-enabled stickers, personal tag card and the renowned Penguin pin to show everyone you are a real champion 


How can I order a champion kit?

If you haven't got yours, we will be sending you one within 14 days following your registration.

Just make sure you have provided a correct address during your registration as a merchant.


Why do I need to activate my kit?

In order to assign a Slings' accessories to your account, you will need to activate it.

Just scan your wristband, register as a Sling Champion and you are ready to go!

Your sling is now available for payments by anyone.


What is a Sling debit card?

The Sling debit card (powered by Payoneer) enables you to receive all of your earnings straight into your pocket; use it in a store or withdraw funds from any ATM

Visit the 'Merchant' screen in the Sling app to order a Sling debit card (powered by Payoneer)


I lost my wristband: what should I do?

No worries. Smile… and throw us an email.

We will ship you a new wristband right away for free.

In the meanwhile, communicate your quick code number to your customers to continue receiving payments.


What should I do with the Sling pin?

It’s important that customers know they can pay you directly from their Smartphone:  Wear the pin to show them you accept Sling payments!


Why do I need Slings' stickers?

Apply your stickers in immobile locations, to collect payments easily.

Tipping jars, counters, entrance-doors and even your home-made crafting… are just some examples




How can I edit my profile?

Tap the profile tab to view your profile.

You can edit any section of your profile by simply clicking the Edit button on the top left


How come my profile says "Anonymous"?

After your first payment you will be redirected to the profile editing screen.

Until you insert more details about yourself, your profile will remain anonymous


How can I edit my payment details?

Piece of cake!

1.     Tap the credit card icon in the payment screen top-right

2.     Select a payment method

3.     Enter or edit your details


Tadammmm! You are ready to go


Why do I see my payment history?

Your payment history shows all of your outgoing and incoming transactions. It’s a way for you to keep track with all of your Sling activities.


What are Perks?

Perks are crazy achievements you receive for being a loyal Sling user. Earn Perks for making payments, inviting friends or tipping a certain total. Don't forget to brag about your perks in Facebook….




I wish to become a Sling Partner

Nothing makes us happier than meeting new friends and building businesses together.

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call or throw us an email right away:

Free call:  +972-3-6701515          





Comments? Questions? Problems?

Give us a call or throw us a quick email.

We are here to serve you and solve any problem.

One of our championess will be more than glad to discuss and resolve any issue


Free call:  +972-3-6701515          


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